How Frame Alignment Works

3 Signs You Need Frame Alignment

How Frame Alignment Works

Many vehicles suffer from frame damage on a regular basis. Straightening your car’s frame is important not only for restoring it to its original state but also for how it protects you. If your car’s frame is damaged in a collision, you’ll need the help of a reputable collision repair specialist.

Even low-speed collisions can cause severe vehicle damage, so this isn’t something you should overlook. Below, we’ll take a look at some frame alignment basics you should know to give you a better understanding of how frame alignment works.

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Why Frame Alignment is Important

The frame of your car serves more than just to give it a sleek and sexy appearance, as the skeletal structure of the vehicle is what keeps it from collapsing on you. Not only that, but these frames have strategically placed crumple points and give way at certain points to protect people inside the car in the event of a collision.

To put it another way, the vehicle is designed to crumble around you rather than causing you to be hurt in the process. However, without routine frame alignment, the integrity of the metal has the potential to be compromised.

3 Signs You Need Frame Alignment

Even if you have no prior experience in the automotive industry, many types of vehicle damage are simple to spot. Any driver, for example, can spot signs that a windshield needs to be replaced or that a paint job needs to be restored. Many of the most serious types of vehicle damage, on the other hand, can go undetected unless you know what to look for. A bent frame is one of the most dangerous and difficult-to-detect issues that can arise following a collision. Frame straightening services can often solve this problem, but you must first determine the extent of the damage. Six common indicators of a bent frame are listed in this blog.

Wheel Misalignment

A bent frame can completely change wheel alignment in addition to changing wheel tracking. You’ll notice a variety of handling issues if your wheels are out of alignment, such as the steering wheel veering to one side or the car easily drifting off course. If you bring your car in for an alignment, let the technician know if the frame appears to be bent to have them perform an inspection.

Visible Undercarriage Damage

While most instances of vehicle frame damage aren’t visible from the angles you’re used to when approaching your car, a different perspective may reveal changes that you can actually see. After a collision, inspect your undercarriage with a flashlight to check for any obvious bends or other forms of warping across the undercarriage.

Engine Component Damage

You may not notice the shift in your vehicle’s frame from afar, but the shift in alignment can affect even the most unknown parts of your vehicle. Pop your hood if you suspect your car’s frame has been bent in a recent accident. Bolts are frequently snapped, components are disconnected, and other small-scale damage occurs in the engine block as a result of frame damage.

Expert Collision Repair in Merrillville, Indiana

To restore your vehicle’s form and reliability, frame alignment should be done as soon as possible after an accident. An expert technician inspects the severity of the damage during auto frame straightening to ensure there are no underlying issues that need to be addressed. If you don’t hire a professional, these underlying problems may go undetected, resulting in more of your hard-earned money being spent on future problems.

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