How Much Do Dents Affect Your Car’s Resale Value?

When most people are looking to buy a car, a dent can be a deterrent from making a purchase. You might wonder, “Should I fix any dents before selling my car?” Dents can affect your vehicle’s resale value, but it depends on a few factors. At Lakeside Collision II in Merrillville, Indiana, our team of expert dent repair specialists use advanced equipment and technology to repair all dent types. Learn how much dents affect your car’s resale value.

Five common types of dents

Car dings, usually less than half an inch in diameter, are less severe and easy to fix. Dings often don’t have metal exposure or paint chipping. A round dent is the most common dent caused by small circular objects. Round dents often do not disturb the dent, similar to dings. A crease dent is longer in length and shows damage to the metal of your vehicle, often caused by sharp objects dragged against your car. Sharp dents are caused by strong impacts, such as a door from another car hitting the side of your vehicle. Extreme dents are the hardest to fix and are usually caused by an accident or if you drive into a strong object.

Appearance and placement of the dent

How obvious is the dent? If the dent is visible from 10 feet away, it’s best to get it fixed by a dent repair specialist. You may lose more on the resale value than it would cost to repair it. Suppose your vehicle is a dark color and the dent is in an unobtrusive place. In that case, a small dent may slightly affect your vehicle’s resale value. However, dents bigger than round dents and crease dents will make your buyers worry that your car is not properly cared for.

Decrease in value

Did you know that new cars can depreciate up to about 20 percent in their first year? After a car’s ten-year mark, its value is determined by its condition, popularity, and gas mileage. It’s also important to remember that an accident can permanently decrease a car’s value between 10 percent and 25 percent. Small accidents and small dents that don’t affect the paint may decrease its value between five and 15 percent.

Visit your local dent repair specialists

In Merrillville, Indiana, Lakeside Collision II is the number one source for all collision repair and support. Schedule an appointment at (219) 736-9600 and rest assured we have the equipment to restore your vehicle to its original condition! Our team of dedicated dent repair specialists are always more than happy to help you out whether you have a ding or a serious dent.

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