Questions You Should Ask at a Body Repair Shop

After being in a car accident, you’ll most likely want your car to be repaired as soon as possible. It’s essential to arrive at the body shop prepared with questions so you’ll receive the best collision repair for your vehicle. At Lakeside Collision II in Merrillville, Indiana, our team of expert technicians use advanced equipment and technology to provide excellent collision repair. Here are some questions you should ask at a body repair shop to ensure your vehicle gets properly repaired.

How long will it take?

It’s essential to have an estimated time frame when your collision repair will be finished. Estimated repair time depends on the amount of damage your vehicle has, how busy the auto body repair shop is, and the delivery time of any necessary parts.

When can you wash your car?

Auto body repair shops usually return your vehicle back to you after they clean it so that you can drive as soon as possible. However, you should still ask if your freshly painted vehicle can handle a car wash that uses friction brushing, or even a touch-free car wash with strong soap chemicals.

Do you and the body repair shop have insurance?

First, do you have auto insurance for your car? Most states require your vehicle to have auto insurance and you can get penalized for a lapse of even one day. Don’t let your auto insurance policy lapse, you will likely spend more on penalties than save. It’s important to pay your auto insurance premiums on your car while it is being repaired. Make sure to ask if the auto body repair shop has fire and theft insurance to ensure your car is safe. Additionally, it’s smart to ask if the mechanic will need to test drive your car after the collision repair is complete.

Will the paint match your car?

In most cases, mechanics will find your vehicle’s manufactured paint color printed somewhere on the car. It won’t hurt to make sure the auto body repair shop that provides collision repair will be using the same exact color of paint and not a similar color.

Excellent collision repair services at Lakeside Collision II

Getting high quality collision repair services after an accident is essential so your vehicle can be ready for the road. Your car’s resale value will be negatively affected without high-quality collision repair. At Lakeside Collision II in Merrillville, Indiana, our dedicated collision repair specialists have top-of-the-line diagnostic tools and repair technology that can restore your vehicle to excellent condition, complete with an unlimited warranty! Schedule an appointment at (219) 736-9600 today for all your dent removal and collision repair needs.

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